About Us

About Us

Pacific Fish Trax is tracking information about West Coast fish and the community of people working together to sustain the fish and our local fisheries.

The information we’re tracking focuses in on the fish, its habitat and the journey the fish takes from the river and ocean, over the dock, and to the market. It includes scientific research on fish genetics and marine ecosystem conditions and information about where, when and how a fish travels to market.

The community of people engaged in Pacific Fish Trax comes from all tracks of life. We have one thing in common. We want to strengthen our local fisheries and local fishing communities. We are fishermen; seafood buyers and processors; marine ecosystem scientists; fisheries managers; and people dedicated to healthy living.

Pacific Fish Trax provides this on-line space for you to connect to the community of people and the unique work we are doing. Here, you will be able to share ideas and information that contribute to improving fishery and seafood management practices.

Pacific Fish Trax is managed by Fish Trax Systems, Inc.