From Boat to Plate

In early 2009 Pacific Fish Trax implemented a pilot study with a unique tracking system. The pilot program provided seafood purchasers with additional information about the seafood they were buying before they purchased the seafood. Two Portland-area New Seasons seafood departments participated in the pilot program by hosting two unique computer kiosks attached to freezers. The freezers contained high-quality frozen albacore tuna loins branded with the Pacific Fish Trax logo. The purchasers simply selected a package of fish and scanned the barcode on the reader located on the kiosk. The computer screen displays detailed information about the piece of fish the consumer was holding, including the name of the fisherman and vessel that caught the fish as well as the seafood processor who processed the fish once it reached the dock. The tracking system was designed specifically to link those who buy seafood to the places, people and seafood companies that take great care to provide high-quality west coast seafood.

Check back in the future for more information about the tracking system as Pacific Fish Trax expands to other species and outlets.

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