The Way to Market

The Way to Market

There are several ways that ocean-caught fish make their way to the market place.

Straight off the boat. Some fishermen sell their catch, like salmon, albacore tuna or Dungeness crab, directly to the public. They sell right off their fishing vessels while moored at the dock. The fisherman sells the fish just as it was caught or sometimes fillets it on the deck of the boat for the buyer.

Straight to market. Some fishermen sell their catch straight to fish markets or restaurants or other venues. This activity is usually termed “direct-marketing”. Generally seafood which requires a minimal amount of processing services or no processing at all are ideal candidates for direct-marketing scenarios.

The traditional channel. While a good portion of seafood caught is sold through direct-marketing avenues, the majority of all seafood landed on the west coast is delivered to some type of traditional seafood processing company. Many of these companies can be found in most fishing ports. On the west coast the majority of all seafood processors (large and small) are multi-generational, family-owned businesses.

Pacific Fish Trax seeks to add value to seafood and west coast harvesters and seafood processors. We do so by examining the traditional tracks to market and creating new and innovative ones.